Quantum Engineering is an interdisciplinary program that seeks to equip students for careers in emerging technologies based on quantum entanglement. It encompasses a wide range of disciplines that includes physics, materials science, computer science, electrical engineering, chemistry, and mathematics, and is necessarily a collaborative effort among many Mines departments.

Two Master’s degrees and one professional certificate are offered. For both degrees and the professional certificate, Quantum Engineering has two tracks.

  • Quantum Engineering Hardware (QEH) track focuses on experimental techniques relevant to quantum technology.
  • Quantum Engineering Software (QES) track focuses on theory, algorithms, and simulation.
A track must be chosen to complete the program, but courses from both tracks may be taken provided that the prerequisite requirements are met.
An interdisciplinary minor in Quantum Engineering is also offered. Details may be found in the Minor section and in the course catalog.
As with many other graduate programs, students enrolled in Mines’ combined undergraduate/graduate program (meaning uninterrupted registration from the time the student earns a Mines undergraduate degree to the time the student begins a Mines graduate degree) may double count up to six hours of credits which were used in fulfilling the requirements of their undergraduate degree at Mines towards their quantum engineering MS degree. Any 400+ level courses that count towards the undergraduate degree requirements as Elective Coursework, or any 500+ level course, may be used for the purposes of double counting at the discretion of the graduate advisor. These courses must have been passed with a B- or better, not be substitutes for required coursework, and meet all other University, Department, Division, and Program requirements for graduate credit.
BS Electrical Engineering / MS Quantum Engineering (please consult with your advisor)

Q. Are GRE scores required to apply to the Quantum Engineering (QE) Master’s program?
A. No, GRE scores are not required for either the QE Master’s Thesis or QE Master’s Non-Thesis. Submission of GRE scores is entirely optional.

Q. To whom should I submit my academic credentials?
A. Please submit all academic credentials only via the online application.

Q. Are teaching and research assistantships available?
A. Yes, teaching and research assistantships are available to qualified MS and PhD candidates in Mines’ interdisciplinary programs.

Q. Does Mines offer a Quantum Engineering PhD?
A. No. Currently PhDs go only through the QE constituent departments.

Q. Does Mines offer a Quantum Engineering Minor?
A. Yes, beginning with the Fall 2021 semester.

Q. What types of courses should I take as an undergraduate that would allow myself to be viewed most favorably for admission to the Quantum Engineering program?
A. A science or engineering degree and successful completion of college-level linear algebra are required for admission. Successful completion of a number of elective courses is required for the QE MS Thesis, MS Non-Thesis, and Graduate Certificate options. Completion of prerequisites, or comparable courses, for the electives that you intend to take, prior to entering the program, is recommended. Please see the Electives section of this document for information on the various elective courses including prerequisites.


For more information about admission to our program, application instructions, deadlines, selection criteria, and other aspects of the process, please see the Quantum Engineering Program Overview, Quantum Engineering Minor IDM, and Quantum Engineering Minor pages, refer to the FAQs and Grad Links sections of this document, and/or contact us at

Please submit credentials only via the online application.