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Amazon BraketAmazon Braket is a fully managed quantum computing service that helps researchers and developers get started with the technology to accelerate research and discovery. Amazon Braket provides a development environment for you to explore and build quantum algorithms, test them on quantum circuit simulators, and run them on different quantum hardware technologies.
Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Science GatewayThe AMOS Gateway hosts state-of-the-art AMOS (Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Science) software suites and provides the community with an easy-to-use platform for calculations involving the static and dynamic properties of multi electron atoms and molecules.
Azure QuantumLearn quantum coding and chemistry and materials science by generating, visualizing and interacting with molecular structures with the help of Copilot in Azure Quantum.
Center for Quantum NetworksBuilding the Quantum Internet
Einstein ToolkitThe Einstein Toolkit is a community-driven software platform of core computational tools to advance and support research in relativistic astrophysics and gravitational physics.
Google QuantumAIEducational resources
A set of resources that can be integrated into undergraduate and graduate level quantum information science courses.
Hybrid Quantum Architectures and NetworksIllinois Quantum Information Science and Technology Center
IBM Quantum ComputingIBM Quantum Computing for business, developers, researchers, and educators
ITensorHigh-Performance Tensor Software Inspired By Tensor Diagrams
JaqalQuantum Assembly Language for QSCOUT (Quantum Scientific Computing Open User Testbed)
Quantum Engineer Jobs on LinkedInQuantum Engineering Jobs

Laboratory for Physical Sciences (LPS)
Since 1956, the Laboratory for Physical Sciences, in partnership with the University of Maryland, has advanced the physics and engineering behind information science and technology. A unique organization where university, industry, and federal government scientists collaborate on research in advanced communication, sensing, and computer technologies, the LPS currently houses four main divisions: Solid-State and Quantum Physics, Optical and RF Innovations, Microelectronics Integration, and Advanced Computing Systems.
Machine Learning Crash CourseGoogle's fast-paced, practical introduction to machine learning
Microsoft QuantumLearn how to use the Microsoft Quantum Development Kit and Q#, a language for quantum programming. Learn key concepts and write your first quantum program. Explore the rich tools and libraries of the QDK.
Microsoft Quantum CloudblogMicrosoft Quantum blog posts
Musty ThooughtsMichal Stechly (Zapata) blog
My Ivory TowerThere are many barriers into quantum science. Finding the right opportunities to advance your education and career shouldn’t be one of them. My goal is to use this website as a repository of opportunities at the high school, community college, and undergraduate levels. is the premier open and free platform for computational research, education, and collaboration in nanotechnology, materials science, and related fields.
OpenFermionOpenFermion is a library for compiling and analyzing quantum algorithms to simulate fermionic systems, including quantum chemistry.
PennylaneA cross-platform Python library for differentiable programming of quantum computers. Train a quantum computer the same way as a neural network.
Physical Review JournalsPhysical Review Journals
PRX QuantumPRX Quantum is a highly selective, online-only, fully open access journal that publishes research with an emphasis on outstanding and lasting impact. PRX Quantum seeks to publish a select set of papers providing a home for and connection between the numerous research communities that make up quantum information science and technology, spanning from pure science to engineering to computer science and beyond.
PRX Quantum TutorialsPRX Quantum began publishing Tutorials to help the quantum community educate the next generation of quantum scientists. Rather than provide a comprehensive overview of the field, as is typically found in a Review paper, Tutorials are hands-on guides written by experts invited by the editorial leadership of the journal. Tutorials focus on the essential knowledge and relevant references that will allow newcomers to a research field, approach, or methodology efficiently move forward with their work. For example, they should ideally help researchers migrate to a new field, bridge knowledge gaps for interdisciplinary collaborators, and contribute to the education and development of PhD students and postdocs. They focus on explaining well-established milestone concepts, the latest techniques, and developments in the field, providing a flavor of current research.
Q2Work Quantum EducationQuantum education learning materials
Q-Chem webinarsQ-Chem webinars
QCircuit - Latex packageA quantum circuit drawing application.
Quantum Information Science (QIS)Identifying essential concepts for future curricular and educator activities that will help learners engage with quantum information science.
QisenetThe Quantum Information Science and Engineering Network (QISE-NET) is a one-of-a-kind national training program for graduate students pursuing careers in quantum science and engineering. It is devoted to advancing academic and industrial efforts in the science and engineering of quantum information.
Open-Source Quantum Development
Qiskit | quantum device design
Quantum.govNational Quantum Initiative
The Federal Source and Gateway to Quantum R&D Across The U.S. Government provides for a coordinated Federal program to accelerate quantum research and development for the economic and national security of the United States
QuantumGradA global e-learning and content creation platform solely for Quantum Computing
Quantum PedagogyQuantum Education at Georgetown University, Washington D. C.
Quantum Exact Simulation Toolkit (QuEST)The Quantum Exact Simulation Toolkit is a high performance simulator of quantum circuits, state-vectors and density matrices. QuEST uses multithreading, GPU acceleration and distribution to run lightning first on laptops, desktops and networked supercomputers. QuEST just works; it is stand-alone, requires no installation, and is trivial to compile and get running.
QuISPQuantum Internet Simulation Package
QuSTEAMThe Ohio State University is the lead institution in a new educational initiative being launched through the National Science Foundation Convergence Accelerator program. The initiative is titled QuSTEAM: Convergent undergraduate education in Quantum Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics and is focused on developing a revolutionary undergraduate curriculum that will provide a national educational model for the emerging field of quantum information science and technology (QIST) that incorporates inclusiveness and convergent disciplinarity from the ground up.
RigettiRigetti home
Rigetti Forest Software Development Kit with pyQuilThe Rigetti Forest Software Development Kit includes pyQuil, the Rigetti Quil Compiler (quilc), and the Quantum Virtual Machine (qvm).
Summer Internship LinksSummer Internship links and databases
TensorFlowAn end-to-end open source machine learning platform.
WOLFRAM Quantum FrameworkStreamlined computation framework for quantum circuits and other finite-dimensional quantum systems, integrated with the optimized numerics, symbolics and other capabilities of Wolfram Language, and including new multiway methods.
Gurobi OptimizationStreamlined computation framework for quantum circuits and other finite-dimensional quantum systems, integrated with the optimized numerics, symbolics and other capabilities of Wolfram Language, and including new multiway methods.
Quantum Hamiltonian Descent sourceStreamlined computation framework for quantum circuits and other finite-dimensional quantum systems, integrated with the optimized numerics, symbolics and other capabilities of Wolfram Language, and including new multiway methods.