Society of Quantum Engineers



The Society of Quantum Engineers at the Colorado School of Mines is dedicated to exploring quantum computing and information, along with its practical applications. What sets us apart is our focus on hands-on learning and community engagement.

Lab tours are one of the exciting opportunities available to our members. Witnessing cutting-edge quantum technologies in action is an experience that deepens your understanding of this complex field and ignites inspiration.

Our inclusive community welcomes individuals at all levels of expertise, from seasoned quantum experts to those just starting their journey. Together, we cultivate a passion for quantum engineering and support each other’s growth as future engineers.

Join us on our voyage into the mysteries of quantum mechanics, its diverse applications, and its role in shaping the future. With lab tours, movie screenings, and a vibrant community, the Society of Quantum Engineers promises an enriching and enjoyable experience during your academic journey at the Colorado School of Mines. Join us and be a part of the quantum revolution!



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